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Byrd Tool has served the woodworking industry since 1979. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA right here in Central Kentucky.
(800) 441-BYRD
(270) 230-0079
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Meet The Team

Want to put a face to the Voice on the Phone or Signature on the Paper?
  1. Executive Director
    Ralph Byrd
    One of the founders of the Company
  2. Executive Director
    Thomas Byrd
    One of the founders of the company
  3. Executive Director
    Becky Grant
    Office Manager
  4. Executive Director
    Katrina Frank
    Purchasing & Customer Service
  5. Executive Director
    Sara Jennings
    Customer Service & Sales
  6. Executive Director
    Martha Byrd
    A face to the signature. Martha runs the Shipping Department at Byrd Tool.
  7. Executive Director
    Gary Jackson
    Technical Support
    Customer Service and Technical Support. If you ever have any issues, this is the man you need to talk to.
  8. Executive Director
    Chad Byrd
    VP of Manufacturing
    As the manufacturing engineer, Chad is in charge of manufacturing new machinery for production. That also means he helps production by making sure the machines are running as efficiently as possible.
  9. Executive Director
    Brett Byrd
    VP Of Safety
    Brett is head of the safety department at Byrd Tool. He has also been put in charge of overseeing internal publications and the website. If you ever have any issues with the website, I'm the man to talk to.
  10. Logo
    Byrd Tool Logo
    Designed by CEO Ralph Byrd. He has been with the company since 1980. Cross between Ren and a Flycatcher
  11. Executive Director
    Bethany Davis
    Shipping Clerk
    Good friend of the Byrd Family and the new face in the shipping department. (picture coming soon)
Of course none of this would be possible with out having our production employees out on the shop floor.

A big thanks to all of our employees for working hard to serve our customers!