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Byrd Tool has served the woodworking industry since 1979. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA right here in Central Kentucky.
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Insert Tooling

Here at Byrd Tool, we offer a wide variety of Insert Tooling.

Gone are the days of having to have a dedicated tool body for each pattern you want to run. With our insert cutters you can chose from a variety of our stock patterns that will all fit in the same tool body. (We do, of course, offer Brazed tip tooling if you application requires it.)

Fabricated and held to the highest standards, you will always have a superior cut when using any of Byrd Tool's insert cutters.

We offer a variety of patterns for each of our product lines. We are continually looking into designing new patterns that suit today's market.
Pictured below are just a few of the patterns that we offer.
See our catalog for a list of all of our stock patterns! We also have them all listed at our online store.

If you have a pattern that you would like a price on just let us know. We do plenty of custom patterns to meet your needs.
Raised Panel Cutters
Stile & Rail Cutters
A sample of what PR tips we offer
All Panel Raise insert heads have a 1-1/4'' bore. The heads are 6'' in diameter with three inserts each.

Back Cutters are 4-1/2'' Diameter and Trim Cutters are 3'' Diameter each with three inserts.
A sample of what S&R tips we offer
Our Stile & Rail Insert Cutters come in two bore sizes. 3/4'' and 1-1/4''.

3/4'' Bore heads are 4'' Diameter.

1-1/4'' Bore heads are 4 ½'' Diameter
Center Groove is
½'' Deep X ¼'' Wide
Panel Raise Back Cutter
Panel Raise Trim Cutter
Also in Shaker Style!
Door Edge Cutters
Flooring Cutters
A sample of what Flooring tips we offer
A sample of what Door Edge tips we offer
Our Door Edge Cutters are availbe in 3/4'' and 1-1/4'' bore.

¾'' Bore have a 3'' Minor Diameter
1 ¼'' Bore have a 3 ½'' Minor Diameter

Our  Flooring Cutters are available in:

4-7/8'' Diameter with 1 ¼'', 40mm, or 1 ½'' Bore.

6'' Diameter with 30mm X 1-13/16'' Bore

Straight Edge Cutters
Glass Door Cutters
A sample of what Glass tips we offer
Our Glass Door Insert Cutters come in two bore sizes. 3/4'' and 1-1/4''.

3/4'' Bore heads are 4'' Diameter.

1-1/4'' Bore heads are 4 ½'' Diameter
Dedicated Profile Bodies
Just two of the many Custom Inserts we have made over the years
Byrd Tool keeps a variety of cutter bodies semi-finished.

What does that mean for you? You get your product sooner.

For our customers with a custom design in mind, we keep some cutter bodies ready to have a custom pattern turned into them to accept the Carbide Insert you require.

If you would like more information about custom insert tooling, give us a call or shoot us an email.