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Byrd Tool has served the woodworking industry since 1979. We proudly manufacture our products in the USA right here in Central Kentucky.
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What's Going On at Byrd Tool

Ramping Up Production

New HAAS Machining Centers

In order to combat the ever increasing orders, we recently purchased two new machining centers.

We are always trying to cut down lead-times and continue to improve quality.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
Here are a few pictures from the day (and week after) we got our new CNC Machines.

Have to keep production moving!
Big thanks to                           - KYLET
  1. Fastenal FMI
    Fastenal FMI
  2. FMT Element, Norseman, WIDIA
    FMT Element, Norseman, WIDIA
  3. WIDIA & FMT Element
    WIDIA & FMT Element
Thanks to Jim Winn at our local Fastenal Store for hooking us up with some pretty awesome banners to show off.

Our New Profile Tip Grinder

As some of you already know, last year we lost one of our old profile tip grinders for grinding our Carbide Inserts. Which means we are backed up on our Carbide Inserts. For that we do sincerely apologize to all of our customers. However, with help from our guys here working hard and putting in some overtime we have finally dwindled it down to a more reasonable lead time.

We are still working on getting our lead time down even more.

To help the cause Chad has been working non-stop on a new Profile Tip Grinder to help try and cut that time in half! The last week of 2016 we finally got movement on the new Machine! Our new Tip Grinder should be up and running in the coming week or two. As soon as we verify accuracy and do a few test cuts we will release it to production to start making tips!
Finally! We are making Test Cuts!

Tom, Chad, and shop foreman Jerry are makieing test cuts with production insert orders. one good tip down now a couple more tests and then its over to production!

Brett - 01/09/2017

New Toy!

Late last week we got our new lathe up and running. Still trying to cut down on that DW735 lead time!

Brett -03/14/2017